Friday, June 5, 2015

WOW 2014 - 2015

It's been two years since my last blog post. WOWZA! The kids are done with school 
my girl will be going into junior high... a 6th grader and the boy will be going into
3rd grade! Time flies when you are having fun.
The last two or three years  I have done a first and last day comparison. You can see how much they have changed. My babies are growing up.

 The Girl's activities this year included 
basketball skills team (kind of like PIPS)
she tried out for some UIL events and went as an alternate
 she got the 4th sixth weeks outstanding students in 5th grade

 she also got the a patience award for the characteristic of the month in April

 The Boy's activities this year included
his first year of peewee football (picture below)
basketball skills team (kind of like PIPS)
he tried out in UIL events but did not make it (he will try again next year)

This year they had a week of dress up days...

 Halloween costume - Football player & Apple White (from Ever After High series)

Pink out day

 Tie-Dye / Bright colors

Their "real" Halloween costumes
Nerd & Hulk

 We had several ice/snow storms and one of those days we binged watched Lord of the Rings

 The boy's version of Gandalf

  We are so excited for summer to begin. There are camps to go to like pre-teen camp (WHAAAAT?), basketball camp, library activities, reading club, vacation, and other things we have planned. 

On a side note, the hubs and I celebrated our 10th anniversary! Woop! It's been a great ten years, and I'm so glad I have gotten to spend it with him. He's an amazing husband, father, and friend. We are blessed to have him lead our family in Christ. He is a thoughtful and caring man who is stubborn and hard-headed enough to put up with me, who is equally stubborn and hard-headed. Happy Anniversary! 
I love you times double infinity!! 

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